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I live, I get tired… I write, I feel better... And the cycle goes on and on.
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I left
We moved
Then, you all left me
I don’t like it here, It is damp and dark
I return home,
I stand there
You don’t look at me
I talk to you
You don’t listen to me
I remind you it’s time to change the flowers
It is a small room here, wilt roses stink
You don’t pay attention
I tell you, I’ll never leave you alone
You don’t seem interested..

You cry
You say nobody said it’s gonna be so hard
I realize
I can be, but I won’t belong
I come back here, visit you now and then

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One fine stay I scroll through internet and I stumble upon this…

Draw a monster

Why is it a Monster

- Daughter, By Janice Lee

The Words, triggering a series of thoughts, I start drawing my monster. Fluffy snout, eyes of fire, dark and evil (That’s what I thought it looked like). When I finished it, I felt it looked like Aku, from Samurai Jack, a cartoon I had watched some eighteen years back. The Dark, evil shape shifting demon. I wondered, “Of everything I have seen, been or done, Why Aku ?”. All I could think of was, it…

Series : 5. When I smiled just because

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This morning on my way to work, when I crossed the town centre, I had an eerie feeling of being looked at. I looked around to see an old woman about ten feet away looking at me. She turned away when I looked at her. She was parking her car and taking something out of it. And, the pedestrian path I was walking was adjacent to her. And this kept repeating till I reached to almost near her.

I started feeling conscious and may be a tad bit uncomfortable. So when I crossed her I broke into a smile because…

~ One Hundred Years of Solitude


Why Did I start reading this book:

This book is a timeless classic. All the literary giants called it greatest novel of the century, most magical book ever and a must read for human race. Also, because a teeny tiny part of me believed adding this book to the list of books I have read would make me look more smart than I actually am. And, there I started this book on 2020 new year day.

What this book isn’t:

This book isn’t one of those books that will hook you from the first page. This isn’t a book where…

Series : 2. When I drew really bad

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Of all my seasonal obsessions, a pretty peculiar one was water color. I’m reasonably good at sketching, doodling, wall art or as a matter of fact any form of art rigid and right within the lines. Somehow painting with water color wasn’t the same. It felt like letting things flow into place. And, I wanted to do it.

As the obsession started, somehow I was hellbent on drawing a Holly. I don’t remember how it all began, but all I remember was it went for a long. Those thick waxy and dark green leaves with bright red fruits looked too…

Series : 1. When it all began

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A year ago, when my mobile said, “ You got one new mail”…

I see the sender’s name and with trembling hands I open the mail. Those few seconds when everything fell quiet and my heart pounded so loud and the mail goes, “Further to your recent interview I am delighted to formally offer you an appointment as an Early Stage Researcher ………”. I wanted to scream, jump,cry in joy, and fly. All I did was to sit there stare at the screen and smile ear to ear. I’m in. After, four years of waiting, trying, applying and rejection. After…

Mermaid of Mirage

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